Where Can I Find a Local Support Group?

We’re glad you’re here! But, have you considered joining a support group?

For many people, having lupus can be an isolating and scary proposition. Your friends and loved ones may not understand what you are going through. Life with an invisible illness can be tough. Connecting with other people that understand can make it easier.

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In the United States

The Lupus Foundation of America – Local Chapters

  • With over 20 local chapters across the country, the LFA is a great resource
  • In addition to in-person support groups, the LFA offers location-specific news and events
  • LFA also has online forums

Molly’s Fund

  • Operating local chapters in:
    • Portland, OR
    • Star Valley, WY
    • Nashville, TN
    • Springfield, MA

The Hospital for Special Surgery – in New York; programs include:

Ask at your own hospital!


In the United Kingdom

Lupus UK – Regional Groups

  • 19 Regional groups spread throughout the UK



Karate Health (for iPhone and for Android)

  • Disclosure: LupusCorner is a property of Karate Health Inc. 
  • In addition to communities, Karate Health offers symptom tracking and medication management tools

Lupus Chick


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2 thoughts on “Where Can I Find a Local Support Group?

  • Lilly

    What about inn Australia ???????? please

  • Lisa

    Lupus LA in Los Angeles please!!!!!!


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