What is Lupus?

Lupus is fatigue. Lupus is pain. Lupus is a host of symptoms. But, when you dive deeper, what is lupus?

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Lupus is… Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

  • Though there are other types, SLE is typically referred to as simply: lupus

Lupus is… an autoimmune disease

  • A properly functioning immune system identifies foreign substances and creates antibodies to fight off viruses, bacteria, and germs (like the flu).
  • With lupus, the immune system can’t distinguish between foreign invaders and the body’s healthy tissues — so the immune system creates autoantibodies. These autoantibodies attack the body’s healthy cells and tissues, breaking them down and causing inflammation

Lupus is… a chronic condition

  • The symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks.
  • The condition is not preventable with vaccines or curable with medications or treatments

Lupus is… cyclical

  • During flares, symptoms are more severe
  • During remission, symptoms improve and may seem to disappear

Lupus is… non-communicable

  • It is not contagious; you can’t “catch” lupus from someone
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