How Common is the Butterfly Rash?
Our Poll Results are in! Nearly 1,000 people with lupus reported about the butterfly rash symptom. If you didn't get a chance to answer and wish to, you can still answer the poll on butterfly rash prevalence. As we receive additional responses, we will update this result.   Lupus and the butterfly rash Many organizations [...]
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What Has Helped You in Your Battle Against Lupus?
Answer now to share what types of activities you have started because of lupus -- and which ones have helped reduce your symptoms! Be sure to check back soon to find out what worked best for members of the community. [thb_gap height="30"] (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); SPONSORED [thb_gap height="30"] [typeform_embed url=""]   Check back [...]
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Karate Health has joined forces with Progentec!! Together, we will pursue comprehensive disease management solutions for lupus and multiple sclerosis (MS) that combine laboratory testing with digital technologies.Learn More