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What do patients need to become better advocates? We believe it comes down to engaging and actionable health information, authentic community support, and measuring what works (and what doesn't). Starting with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn's disease, we are on a mission to help every patient better understand and manage their condition.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. The outcomes are revolutionary.

People don't walk around holding up signs showcasing their condition, but by using our optimized combination of intent and audience targeting, we grow condition-specific communities.
People are more than their conditions. We leverage data and a modern patient centric methodology to find insights that help us build content and tools that resonate with our audiences.
When patients get actionable information and insights it transforms the patient-physician relationship, driving a more productive conversation around managing and improving health.
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Our Team

From Big Data analysis and coding chops to healthcare policy lobbying and in-hospital workflows. Because revolutionizing healthcare takes broad expertise.

Arif Sorathia

Arif Sorathia

CEO and Founder

"I couldn't sleep last night so I built this cool Facebook bot"

Brett Adelman

Brett Adelman


"Shouldn't adult care feel as friendly as a children's hospital?"


Karate Health has joined forces with Progentec!! Together, we will pursue comprehensive disease management solutions for lupus and multiple sclerosis (MS) that combine laboratory testing with digital technologies.Learn More